project mngmnt.jpgFraud and Risk Advisory Group, Proctor and Associates says there is need to improve the level of project management in the country in order to enhance the pace of economic development.

The advisory group which is organising a 3 day project management seminar in the capital from the 27th to the 29th of this month has underscored the need to build capacity of local business in applying project management concepts in order to ensure economic efficiency.

Proctor and Associates, Fraud and Risk Advisory Group Senior Partner , Mr. Proctor Nyemba said despite Zimbabwe being renowned for drafting some of the best social and economic blue-prints, the country has suffered set-backs due to the manner in which projects are implemented.

“If you can see what other countries are doing, they are now taking project management as the biggest strategy to develop their economy, that is why we are trying to give our stakeholders advice on how to manage projects successfully” said Mr Nyemba.

Project Management Consultant, Mr. Henry Mkhwananzi, said modern day business success is now based on effectively carrying out strategic plans which are executed through projects hence the need for careful management.

“If you want to succeed executing your business plan you succeed by way of project management,” said Mr Mkwananzi.

Proctor and Associates noted that the lessons on successful project management can be drawn from some of the key infrastructural developments that have taken place in the telecommunications sector in the past few years.