Work on finalising the national investment policy is on course with revelations that a technical working group has made progress in its engagements with key experts to develop the document which will act as a key campus for investments in the country.

Few years embarked on an intensive drive to improve the doing business environment captured under the rapid results initiative.

Key reforms have since been implemented to amend some of the regulatory and legislative bottlenecks that were not friendly to investors amid expectations of enhanced performance going forward.

At the Zimbabwe Investor Awards 2017 edition held in the capital last night, government briefed stakeholders on the progress of the national investment policy, a document that guides investors on all investment issues.

Within this context, the Zimbabwe Investment Authority is also targeting to revise its processing time for business permits to within 24 hours from the current 48 hours.

The authority will be instituting key reforms set to be operational by December this year.

Industry leaders contend that such initiatives send the right tonic to investors which should translate to improved position for the country on the world bank rankings on the ease of doing business.

Several investors were this year honoured at the Zimbabwe Investor Awards hosted by the Zimbabwe Investment Authority.

The Zimbabwe Investment Authority is targeting to reduce its business permits processing time frame to just 24 hours in line with the current drive to relieve the ease of doing business in the country.