welshman ncube 09-01-11.jpgThe MDC-M leadership wrangle, which has been building up, has claimed Professor Arthur Mutambara’s head as the Secretary General, Professor Welshman Ncube, ascended to the post of president at the ongoing 3rd National Congress held at the City Sports Centre in Harare.

Professor Welshman Ncube claimed the MDC-M party’s presidency after challenging Professor Mutambara but according to the proceedings at the Congress, Ncube was duly elected to the post unopposed.


The issue is poised to brew more trouble for the already troubled party due to Professor Mutambara’s standing as Deputy Prime Minister in the inclusive government.


Although Professor Ncube refuted that there are no such moves to recall Mutambara, the matter has already brewed a lot of debate over the legality of such a move.


The absence of David Coltart, Trudy Stevenson and Priscilla Misihairbwi-Mshonga also raised a lot of eyebrows, pointing out to deep disagreements within the party.


The other faction led by National Chairman, Joubert Mudzumwe, which has insisted that they recognise Professor Mutambara as President of the party, also did not attend.
As the voting for the National Youth leadership post were going on, rowdy youths danced and sang, disturbing the proceedings with Organising Secretary, Mr Esaph Mdlongwa having to stand up and restrain the disorderly youths.


Highlights of the visibly disorganised congress attended by a handful of delegates included the proposal by the party’s National Executive Council to change its name from MDC-M to Congress for Movement for Democratic Change, a move which was rejected by the delegates.


Interestingly, Professor Ncube also played a master of ceremonies role, time keeping role and seemed to be generally the one man running the show.


Analysts have predicted that Ncube’s elevation to the MDC-M leadership position could be the final nail on the coffin that might see the party disintegrating.


This has further cemented the fact that the MDC’s genesis on the Zimbabwean political front was crafted on foreign territory and as a result, it’s demise is imminent as the party is failing to garner any significant support in the country.