Lack of production by local firms is hindering the ability of the country to increase foreign exchange inflows to sustain productive sectors.

The government has adopted a number of policies aimed at resuscitating the economy and attract investors.

Analysts, however, say there is need to implement economic recovery policies to unlock foreign exchange inflows.

Speaking to the ZBC News on the sidelines of the Media and Business Stakeholders’ Symposium this Wednesday in the capital, economic analyst Mr Luxon Zembe said lack of strategic productivity is causing the cash flow crisis.

Responding to questions by delegates at the meeting Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe Governor Dr John Mangudya said dollarisation is facing challenges on the back of low production.

Meanwhile, the Confederation of Zimbabwe Industries Mashonaland chamber president Dr Rangarirai Dadirai says ease of doing business reforms will be achieved through workable policies to enhance output.

Zimbabwe’s economy is this year projected to register a 3.7 percent growth due to increased the anticipated bumper agricultural harvest and a rise in mining output.