From the dust streets of Tsovani in Chiredzi to the bright lights of Harare, DJ Solid of Solid Records has become one of the popular record labels in the country.

From humble beginnings in his makeshift home studio in Chiredzi, Nicholas Nyahunda popularly known as DJ Solid has been making waves in the music industry.

 DJ Solid got involved in the entertainment industry in 2006 and became a producer in 2012. By then he had produced for a number of artistes including Qalabash and Fire Manack among others.

For DJ Solid the road has not been smooth. After failing to get support in Chiredzi his breakthrough came when he moved to Harare in 2016 where he established Solid Records.

So far he has produced several popular tracks for artistes like Jah Signal, Seh Calaz, Andy Muridzo, Soul Jah Love, among others.

“It has not been easy in this industry especially coming from a small town like Chiredzi. I started as an artiste and later on moved into production. It takes a lot of hard work, commitment, passion and love for music, otherwise you quit early if you start with too many expectations,” said DJ Solid.

Despite his breakthrough, DJ Solid continues to work with his colleagues in Chiredzi including producer Kelvin Ndlovu known as Chesto Blaster.

“It is unfortunate that for you to make it in the music industry you have to be in Harare but I tell you there are a lot talented artistes in our small towns who just need to be supported,” added DJ Solid.

“With the support from some of us who have already made it we continue hoping for the best, but look at our studios, we do not have state of-the-art equipment and because of that our work is compromised in terms of sound and quality,” said Chesto Blaster

Although the arts industry does not pay much, DJ Solid is now appealing to promoters and radio stations to push and market their products.