newsday copy1.jpgThe SADC Summit held in Johannesburg last weekend has exposed the stance of Zimbabwe’s private media in seeking to promote a foreign agenda even after a resolution by African leaders that the country’s issues should be addressed by locals without any external interference.

Political analysts say the outcome of the SADC Summit which disappointed the MDC-T and its civic society and private media partners after the rejection of the Livingstone Troika report, exposed who Zimbabwe’s enemies are.

Political analyst, Mr Gabriel Chaibva said the private media partners who have sought to promote foreign agendas were disappointed when the SADC Summit impressed that solutions to Zimbabwean issues should only be dealt with by locals themselves without external interference.


Another political analyst, Dr Tafataona Mahoso noted that there is nothing unusual in attempts by the private media to twist facts pertaining to the Summit outcomes as it is known that they serve foreign masters who thrive from a crisis laden Zimbabwe.

Foreign Affairs Minister, Cde Simbarashe Mumbengegwi recently set the record straight, when he revealed that the Extraordinary SADC Summit held in South Africa at the weekend did not endorse the outcome of the disputed Livingstone Troika meeting amid moves by the two MDC formations and some sections of the private media, misleading the nation by claiming that the summit endorsed the Livingstone Troika report.