Some private land developers in Harare are seeking to partner the Harare City Council to assist in patching up pot holes that have littered the city roads.
Navigating through Harare and Chitungwiza roads have become a nightmare for all road users as the state of the nation’s primary city roads continues to deteriorate with no meaningful mitigatory methods in sight.

This has prompted some five land developers to offer voluntary partnerships with the City of Harare to rehabilitate the city roads.

Representatives from Macsherp Housing Project and Company Brockers Enterprises say they are waiting for a green light from the city fathers to start mending the potholes.

On the Seke-Chitungwiza highway road near Mvurachena bridge the obtaining bad state of the roads have given rise to congestion every morning as motorists fear for tyre bursts.

Commenting on the development, City of Harare spokesperson Michael Chideme said such support initiatives by private companies are most welcome.

The sad situation on the roads has been worsened by the incessant rains which have been pounding the country of late, in the process rendering some areas impassable due to the bad state of the roads.