prisoners.jpgGovernment is set to reform the current prisons setup to allow some prisoners to serve their sentences in farm prisons in a move which is anticipated to see the services venturing into full time agricultural production.

Under the proposed set up, only those who are waiting trial will be accommodated in town prisons while those who have been convicted will serve their sentences in farm prisons.

The Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Justice and Legal Affairs, Mr David Mangota said the new set up will see prisoners producing enough food for their consumption.

Mr Mangota said the ministry of justice and legal affairs has been given the green light by the finance ministry to be exempted from remitting surplus funds.

While some convicts are given hard labour as part of their sentences, most prisoners serve their sentences in town prisons such as Harare Central where their labour is not utilised for productive gain.

The concept has been introduced in Marondera, Mutare, Hurungwe and Nyamandlovu Prison Farms.

With the prison services having been criticised for failing to feed prisoners during the country’s economic challenges, the development is expected to bring self-sufficiency as far as food provision is concerned.