supermarket.jpgPrices of basic commodities have remained unchanged in the past week as the market shows signs of price stability.

Although there was a spate of price increases in August after the duty re-instatement on some basic commodities, prices appear to have stabilised.

A survey of supermarkets in Harare shows that prices have been unchanged over the past two weeks.

Unrefined Mealie-meal is ranging between US$4,40 and US$4,55 per 10kg bag while a 2kg packet of rice is ranging between US$1,74 and as much as US$4,99 for some imported brands.

Flour costs showed a US5 cent increase with the cheapest 2kg bag selling at US$1,95 up from US$1,90.

Margarine was unchanged, selling at between US$1,70 to US$3 for 500g block.

The price of cooking oil is pegged between US$3,69 and US$6,50.

There has been a big improvement in the availability of local cooking oil especially the 750 millilitre bottles.

A 2kg packet of salt is selling at between US75 cents and US$1,04 while bread is ranging between US70 cents and US$1,15.

Local products have maintained their presence on the shelves and in-house brands packaged specifically for supermarkets have remained cheaper.