prices.jpgPrices of basic commodities have generally remained stable in the past week in a shift from the marginal increases that were recorded towards the beginning of last month.

A survey by ZBC News showed that the price of mealie meal is ranging from US$4,40 to US$4,55 per 10 kg bag while a 2 kg packet of rice is ranging between US$1,74 and US$2,70.

The price of flour was pegged at US$1,90 for a 2 kgs packet, while margarine ranged between US$1,70 to US$3 for a 500 grammes block.

Cooking oil is trading at a price ranging from US$3,69 to US$5,20.

There is a huge disparity between the price of imported brands of cooking oil and local brands, with the local brand being more expensive.

A 2kg packet of salt is selling at an average of 75 cents, while the price of bread is unchanged at US$1.

There is an improvement in the availability of local products on the shelves especially cooking oil.

Moreover in-house brands packaged specifically for supermarkets surveyed by ZBC News are generally cheaper for all types of commodities.

Some of the local products are competitively priced compared to the imports.