prices 14-11-11.pngPrices of basic commodities remained stable in the past week after experiencing a marginal increase a fortnight ago.

A price survey carried out by ZBC News at supermarkets in Harare shows that there has been no significant changes for most basic commodities in the past week, save for beef prices that have been fluctuating.

Beef is ranging from US$5,20 to US$9,90 owing to a reported shortage of cattle ready for slaughter.

Mealie-meal was pegged at between US$4,29 and US$4,55 per 10kg bag.

A 2kg of rice is being sold at US$1,85 to US$3,45.

Flour prices were pegged at US$1,89 for a 2 kg bag, showing a marginal 5 cents decline.

Margarine is ranging from US$2,25 to US$2,55 for 500 grammes.

Cooking oil is selling at US$3,75 to US$4,90.

Locally manufactured brands of cooking oil are now being consistently supplied to the market.

A 2kg packet of sugar is ranging from US$2,05 to US$2,25 while a 2kg packet of salt is selling at an average of 87 cents.

Bread and milk have remained unchanged.

Washing soap is selling at an average of US$1,60 for a kilogramme, while washing powder ranges between US$3,39 and US$4,95 per kilogramme.