prices.jpgEconomic Analysts, say the price increase of imported food and non-food items is mainly due to the rand which has been firming against the greenback.


Despite a boom in the retail sector since the transition to multi-currency retail outlets are ever-increasing prices of basic food and non-food commodities.


A member of the Retailers Association of Zimbabwe Mr. Denford Mutashu said while the aspect of speculation cannot be ruled out from the increasing prices due to pricing disparities, the best way to stem the trend is to step up production of local goods.


Analysts note that Zimbabwe’s prices are generally higher than those in South Africa and Namibia as retailers are applying mark ups of up to 20% compared to 5% in other countries.


This has seen products like washing soap rising by margins of more than 60% from 90 cents in January last year to US$1.40 cents this year, while cooking oil which cost US$2.50  jumped to US$3.99 in the same period.