grocery.jpgBasic commodity prices have largely remained stable ahead of the festive season with a few items reflecting slight increases.

A price survey conducted by ZBC News at local retail shops in Harare shows that there were no notable changes in the price of basic commodities over the past two weeks.

Beef prices are still on the upward side selling between US$5.79 and US$8.20 per kilogramme.

Mealie-meal prices showed an 11 cents increase, with the cheapest 10 kilogramme bag of mealie meal going up from US$4.29 a fortnight ago to US$4.40.

Flour prices were pegged at US$1.85, showing a 6 cent rise per 2 kilogramme bag.

Margarine is selling for US$2.16 for a 500 grams packet.

Cooking oil is selling for US$3.75 down from US$4.85 indicating a US$1.10 cent reduction for locally produced brands.

A two kilogramme packet of sugar is ranging from US$2.10 cents to US$2.25, while a two kilogramme packet of salt is selling at an average of 90 cents.

It remains to be seen whether the duty re-instatement for pre-packaged flour, salt and rice that comes into effect on the 1st of January 2011 will affect prices in anyway.