president sanctions.jpgLocal pressure groups say the National Anti-Sanctions Petition Campaign launch by Head of State and Government and Commander-in-Chief of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces, President Robert Mugabe, serves as a clear warning to the West that the country demands the immediate removal of the widely discredited embargo.

The launch which was attended by thousands of Zimbabweans was the loudest call the country has ever made in efforts to ensure that the punitive measures are removed.

Communities Empowerment Group of Zimbabwe member Ms Miriam Mutizwa says the latest development is the way to go as the re-engagement process with the European Union over the sanctions has not worked.

“This is the right direction to take as efforts to re-engage did not work, so let’s shout loudly and make it clear,” said Ms Mutizwa.

Affirmative Action Group Executive Director Dr. Davison Gomo said the absence of the other parties from the event shows that they are working in cahoots with the West to effect regime change, through the punitive measures violating Section 4 of the Global Political Agreement, which compels the signatories to the GPA to unanimously denounce the illegal sanctions.

Dr Gomo said: “The MDC-T was not here (at the venue of the Anti-Sanctions Petition Campaign signing) and this shows that they do not have the interests of Zimbabwe at heart.”

Community Calling Empowerment Group Chairperson, Mr. Charles Nyachowe, said the best way is, to follow Cde Mugabe’s call to impose sanctions on the British-owned companies which are still operating in Zimbabwe as well as making them the first target for the indigenisation programme.

“We should revenge and take over the 400 British companies as the President has said, why should they enjoy business in our country when our people are suffering,” said Mr Nyachowe.

The West imposed sanctions on Zimbabwe in retaliation to the country’s land reform and this year the EU meeting held in Brussels agreed to extend the illegal sanctions by another year.

The efforts by the government’s re-engagement committee on the sanctions were fruitless.

Analysts believe the embargo will only go at the behest of the MDC-T which called for their imposition in the first place.