march against sanctions 28.10.11.jpgPressure groups have commended government for taking legal action against the West on the issue of sanctions saying this will send a clear message to the global bullies that the country will not tolerate abuse from the super powers.

Pressure groups say the decision taken by government to take the issue of the illegal embargo to court is a step in the right direction.

Zimbabwe Lawyers for Justice National Coordinator, Advocate Martin Dinha says the lawsuit is a first major step taken by the government to compel the European Union to remove the illegal sanctions.


“We need to be vigorous. All Zimbabweans must rise up against these illegal sanctions,” said Advocate Dinha.

Empowerment Network, Communities Calling (CoCa) Chairman, Charles Nyachowe says the fact that the sanctions are hurting the ordinary people shows that the rights of Zimbabweans are being violated.


“It’s a welcome move and we want to continue calling for the removal of the sanctions,” Nyachowe said.

Attorney General Johannes Tomana and a team of legal experts drafted court papers to mount a lawsuit against the EU that imposed illegal sanctions on Zimbabwe.

The team is expected to visit the European Union to file the papers next week.

The sanctions were imposed unilaterally by the 27 member EU bloc and the US.

The United Nations Security Council has refused to ratify them, effectively making them illegal under international law.