Updates by: Thembinkosi Mangena and Wadzanai Mhombera

Before we go, the match at the NSS has ended, and its not all good for the hosts who have suffered a heart breaking loss in front of their fans. It ended Caps United 2-4 Al Ahli Tripoli
17:02 – Proceedings end with Dr Sydney Sekeramayi giving a vote of thanks.
16: 58 – The youths hands over a present to the First Lady, Dr Grace Mugabe, thanking her for the love she has showed not only to them but also to the nation.
16:52 – Cde Mugabe concludes his speech by thanking all those spent the day with him. “Thank you for the respect you continue to bestow upon me,” he says, adding that their deeds are giving Zimbabwe’s detractors sleepless nights.
16:51- Another goal for Caps, and it comes from the captain, Hardlife Zvirekwi. Caps now trail Tripoli 2-4, with only 3 minutes optional time left.
16:47 – At the NSS Ronald Pfumbidzayi gets a face saver from spot kick for Caps, it’s now 1-4 for Tripoli

16:36 – Back at Rudhaka Stadium, President Mugabe warns Cabinet and Politburo members against leaking closed door deliberations, saying in doing so, they are not doing themselves and the party any good.

16:31 – At the NSS, it’s still Caps United 0-4 Al Ahli Tripoli
16:26 – Cde Mugabe raps promiscuity amongst all Zimbabweans but particularly government officials, saying that’s the major cause of the spread of HIV and AIDS. “So to you the youths, be faithful to each other and let your marriages be permanent,” he says.
16:20 – At the NSS, Tripoli still lead 0-3, and Caps United has so far made 2 changes. First to go in was Carlton Mudzambwa for Kudzanayi Nyamupfukudza and now Dominic Chungwa for Tafadzwa Rusike.

16:19 – He chronicles how the late Ndabaningi Sithole was elected to lead ZANU, how he [President Mugabe] was seconded to UNDP and later elected to lead Zanu PF and how the late Vice President Joshua Nkomo was also elected the leader.

16:18 – Cde Mugabe warns those fomenting factionalism to “STOP IT,” adding that party members who are interested in positions must to abide by the Party Constitution and wait for congress time.

16:03 – “We are now working of downsizing farms which are not being fully utilised, to give others who don’t have land but want to  embark on farming. So those with bigger farms will have them downsized,” he says.
15:52 – President Mugabe says there are about 73 white farmers remaining in the province and most were protected by former Minister of State for Mashonaland East, Ray Kaukonde. “We are looking into this issue and our aim is to give our youths small pieces of land,” he says.
Cde Mugabe adds that the government cannot give youths large tracks of land because for now they do not have the capacity to work on it as some are still single.
15:46 – President Mugabe says the only weaknesses of Mashonaland East Province are multiple farm ownership, land under-utilisation and protection of white farmers. He advises chiefs to be on the lookout for such people since they are the custodians of of land and the people.
15:46 – Half time at the NSS, its remains Caps United 0-3 Al Ahli Tripoli

15:43 – Still on land, President Mugabe says when the country gained independence, War Veterans made their requests and they were given land. He then has a warning to them: “They must stop all these squabbles and remember what the government has done for them. In meeting some of their demands, we agreed that 20 percent of all the acquired land is reserved for theme.”

15:41 – Cde Mugabe speaks on land, saying ” Now, I want young people to be given land.”

15:40 – President Mugabe speaks on the Command Agriculture Programme, saying it has given the country good maize yields. He adds that the programme is now being extended to wheat. “We received good rains and even those who did not take part in the command agriculture program are looking forward to a good harvest,” he adds.

15:37: President Mugabe describes Zanu PF as a people’s party whose programmes are aimed at uplifting the livelihoods of all Zimbabweans.

15:30 – Back to Marondera, President Mugabe thanks the youths for organising such an interface. “You organised the One Million Man march and everyone, from Zimbabwe, SADC and the whole world was shocked. They could not believe that the person, whom they thought was finished, was still going stronger. Now you have shocked them again with this gathering,” Cde Mugabe says, adding that the unity and peace at the rally comes as an egg on the face of all the newspapers which had predicted fighting at the interface.

15:28 – Its now Caps United 0-3 Al Ahli Tripoli

15:24 – Caps vs Tripoli: Poor start by Caps United, 0-2 Tripoli lead, first goal a penalty after a crude tackle in the box by Justice Jangano.

15:13 – Dr Mugabe concludes her speech, and Cde Chipanga invites President Mugabe to address the delegates. Before that, Cde Chipanga says just like what Tourism Minister Walter Mzembi did, those who are obsessed about power should contest in international posts like at the UNWTO, because the Zimbabwean presidency is reserved for Cde Mugabe.

15:09 -We want peace for development. Those who are obsessed with fighting, please go and challenge the likes of [Charles] Manyuchi,” says Dr Mugabe.

15:07 – Dr Mugabe says social media is an opportunity if used well. She reprimands members to use social media such as Twitter and Facebook to settle personal scores and insult leaders.

14:59 – Dr Mugabe calls for an end of factionalism in Zanu PF, saying it is one weakness the party is currently facing. She quickly urges the party to pounce on an opportunity provided by divisions in opposition parties, to lure opposition supporters back to the ruling party.

Breaking News from the NSS: Goalkeeper, Edmore Sibanda pulls out of the match after aggravating his injury during Caps United team warm up. So Jorum Muchambo takes his place in goals

14:56 -Dr Mugabe says elected members should work hard in ensuring service delivery to the people. “It is not good that roads are refurbished when ever the President is coming to an area, roads should be in good shape all the time.”

14:51 – Dr Mugabe tells all members to self introspect, to have a SWOT analysis which will help the party consolidate its strengths, strike on opportunities and address weaknesses.

14:48 – The First Lady, Dr Grace Mugabe takes to the podium to address the gathering after Cde Chipanga.

14:44 –  Cde Chipanga says President Mugabe is an angel just like the Biblical Angel Gabriel. ” Amai Mugabe, you must know today that you are a wife of an angel,” Cde Chipanga.

14:43 – Back in Marondera, Cde Chipanga speaks highly of Women’s League and War Veterans, saying the Youth League must work closely with both wings, lest they all perish.

14:36 – Elsewhere, it’s juts over 20 minutes before a CAF Champions League group match between Caps United and Libyan side, Al Ahli Tripoli. From our match of the day journalist at the National Sports Stadium, Ian Zvoma, below are the team sheets.

Caps teamsheet


Al Ahli Tripoli team sheet

14:34 – Cde Chipanga lauds President Mugabe for his stance in giving local companies an opportunity to participate in the dualisation of the Beitbridge-Masvingo-Harare-Chirundu highway. He also thanks him for the construction of Tokwe Mukosi Dam, which he says will create a lot of employment especially to the youths.

14:31 –  ‘No to imposition of candidates. Regai tibayane, no councilor or MP should be safe. We want clear and transparent competition in primary elections at all levels except for the post of President in which we have all unanimously endorsed you Cde President,” Cde Chipanga.

14:27 – Cde Chipanga requests President Mugabe to address the the distribution of farming land to youths, saying some people are failing to utilise vast acres of land which they were given by the government.

14:23 – Cde Chipanga clarifies the difference between respect and support, adding that party members must respect each other but support Cde Mugabe. “We respect all our leaders, but we do not support everyone.”

14:18 -Cde Chipanga calls on all Zanu PF youths to register to vote in next year’s elections. “Youths constitute the biggest population in Zimbabwe and in the world. It is therefore important for all of us to register to vote. We are moving with the message of registration. Ask the person next to you: Are you in the voters roll? Lets all be registered.”

14:16 – Cde Chipanga says youths are facing various challenges but have on several occasions been blocked to meet Cde Mugabe by some Politburo and Central Committee members.

14:14 -“We want to assure you President Mugabe that as long as you are alive, you are our life President,” Cde Chipanga. ” No other person’s name qualifies to be on a Zanu PF ballot paper except you. Even if you die, we will hold the Politburo at National Heroes Acre.”

14:09 -Cde Chipanga requests for everyone to observe minute of silence remembering the late national hero, Cde Naison Khutshwekhaya Ndlovu who will be buried at the National Heroes Acre tomorrow.

14:05 – Cde Chipanga takes to the podium to address the gathering. After salutations, he describes Mashonaland East Province as a special province, saying ‘everything is done the Zanu PF way here. Even when people cough, they clench their fist which is a Zanu PF symbol.’

 13:45 – Cde Mutsvairo thanks President Mugabe for giving land to youths in the province, adding that the process to legalise the issuance of stands through UDCORP are on going. He also lauds the Command Agriculture Programme before appealing for the availing of farming land to youths.
13:44 – Mashonaland East Province Youth League Chairperson, Cde Kelvin Mutsvairo takes to the podium and welcomes President Mugabe to the province, which he describes as the President’s territory. He says Zanu PF targets to win all constituencies in the province come 2018 elections.

13:27 – Slogans continue and now the Zanu PF Secretary for Youth Affairs, Cde Kudzai Chipanga takes to the podium.

13:03 – Zanu PF Youth League Political Commissar, Cde Innocent Hamandishe, who is the Director of Ceremonies, welcomes President Mugabe and invites youth leaders and representatives of other part wings to introduce themselves and chant party slogans.

13:01 – Everyone is up for the singing of the National Anthem.

12:58 – The youth league of Mozambique’s ruling party, Frelimo, is represented at the event in Marondera.

12:49 – President Mugabe arrives and is accompanied by the First Lady, Dr Grace Mugabe.

12:46 – Ministers; Dr Sydney Sekeramayi, Dr David Parirenyatwa and Retired Brigadier General Ambrose Mutinhiri, as well as Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa are now at the venue.

12:45 -Among high profile persons who have arrived is Senate President Cde Edna Madzongwe.

12:43 – For those who did not manage to be in Marondera, remember we are now live on ZBC television.

12:01 – President Mugabe and his delegation are yet to arrive at Rudhaka Stadium but here is a look at the high table

11:04 – Entertainment is being provided by ZPCS band, police band, a traditional dance group and various other groups.

11:00 – The meetings are in line with the ruling party’s constitution and the ‘one centre of power’ resolution the party made three years ago.

10:59 – All other Zanu PF party wings are welcome to today’s event.

10:57 – People have already started trickling into the stadium.


Scenes at Rudhaka Stadium, Marondera

10:54 – Youths seek access to land, agriculture inputs and participation in mining activities. They will take their issues before the President who is expected to respond directly to their concerns.

10:47 – After Marondera, President Mugabe will visit Manicaland Province on June 16 and his next destination is likely to be Masvingo.

10:14 – This is the first of meetings which will be held in all the country’s provinces to, among other things, tackle challenges facing youths and mobilise them to register for next’s elections.

09:44 – Mashonaland East Province  held a provincial inter-district meeting in preparation for Cde Mugabe’s visit.

09:38 – Thousands of youths are expected to throng the stadium where they will interact with President Robert Mugabe who is also the Zanu PF First Secretary and President.

09:37 – All is set for the Presidential Youth Interface Meeting slated for Rudhaka stadium in Marondera town, Mashonaland East Province this afternoon.