President Robert Mugabe’s long time friend, with whom he shared prison cells during the Smith regime, says his colleague has always been a smart man who outfoxed his challengers in prison during fun games such as draft.


Serving prison time can be a cumbersome experience and inmates tend to while up their time through playing several games of fun and President Mugabe is one man who served some time in detention over his political activities and used to be a great game player with only a few managing to challenge him.


President Mugabe’s long time friend with  whom he shared prisons cells for around 10 years, Cde Solomon Marembo, who was in Matopo for the President`s birthday celebrations, said Cde Mugabe always showed a character of a smart leader from their time in prisons.


“The man was just in a class of his own. No one would beat him in draft and other games that we used to play in prison,” said Cde Marembo.


Cde Marembo, who is now into farming, added that his only wish is to meet his long time friend on a one on one basis so that they reflect on their past with a view to shape the future as most of their friends are no more.


“I have since quit active politics. Howeve, I feel I need to meet my old friend on a personal basis. If I am invited to come back into politics, I would for the good of the country,” he added.


Cde Marembo, a former teacher himself just like President Mugabe and several nationalists were arrested and detained on political grounds and stayed in prisons like Sikombela, Hwahwa and Harare Central prisons.