president mugabe 13-12-10 ed.jpgHead of State and Government and Commander-in-Chief of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces, President Robert Mugabe, who is Zanu PF’s First Secretary, says it is high time Zimbabweans get rid of the colonial and slavish mentality to ensure that they are truly independent and the true owners of the country and its natural resources.

Cde Mugabe was speaking at the opening of the Zanu PF 3rd ordinary session of the Central Committee at the party headquarters in Harare on Wednesday afternoon.


Cde Mugabe told the members of the Central Committee ahead of the 11th National People’s Conference, which opens in Mutare on Friday, that the feeling of inadequacy and duplicity in some Zimbabwean indigenous business people is threatening some programmes that Zanu PF put together economically empower the locals.

He explained that some people, who accessed the means of production but do not have confidence in themselves, are getting into underhand deals with the same white man who previously refused to share the resource that should be enjoyed by all citizens.

“It is grossly disturbing to learn of the extent to which some of our people have gone towards literally giving back the land to white farmers. All profits go to to foreigners, why not work towards reaping the entire profits for one’s family? When will this slavish mentality of hero worshipping, worshipping the white man end?” Cde Mugabe said.

The president called on Zimbabwean indigenous business people to study investment trends and equip themselves with knowledge on new and future lucrative business opportunities

“It is neither desirable nor possible for government to continue spoon feeding local business people on areas they should direct their economic ventures,” said President Mugabe.

He cited his recent encounter with prospective investors in the prospecting sector where it came to light that the coal sector is fast becoming lucrative due to the declining deposits in countries such as South Africa.

Cde Mugabe spoke about other countries where overreliance on external assistance and donor support is slowly eroding the hard won fruits and gains of independence, which were brought by the OAU founding fathers.

central committee 15-12-10.jpgHe said inviting foreign powers to help in the economic development of the African countries has also led to political interference and undermining of those countries governments through involvement of some Non Governmental Organisations as was recently revealed by the wikileaks cables that former US Ambassador to Zimbabwe, Christopher Dell was working with the opposition and NGOs to effect regime change in Zimbabwe.


“When we believe, as some people still do, that they are not complete, that this country can not be run without the white man, then we are not truely independent,” said Cde Mugabe.

Concerning his party, Cde Mugabe stressed the importance of keeping in close touch with the people and working for their aspirations and wellbeing and thanked them for their trust and faith in Zanu PF in the face of the onslaught by external forces that have imposed sanctions on the country.


Ealier on, Zanu PF Politburo had met to discuss the party’s future given that the Global Political Agreement will come to an end this February.


President Mugabe also had a chance to donate 10 laptop computers to the party’s departmet of Information and Publicity.

The National People’s Conference is being held in Mutare, 13 years after a similar event, the 3rd Annual People’s Conference, which focused on land reform, was hosted there in 1997