President Robert Mugabe this Tuesday took aim at those who are fanning factionalism by canvassing support for leadership positions, saying fighting for leadership positions was unheard of during the days of the nationalistic movements when he was chosen to take up a position in the national democratic party.

Addressing members of staff who had gathered to congratulate him on his 93rd birthday at Munhumutapa offices in Harare today, Cde Mugabe said he answered the call of duty to the people and chose to terminate his teaching contract in Ghana to take up the leadership of the revolutionary party.

He said he is the leader that he is today because of the support and strength that he derives from the people, highlighting leadership positions must never be canvassed for, but rather thrust to one by the people.

Cde Mugabe also said policies and programmes are also derived from the needs and demands of the people.

He clarified that the position of cooperation with external investors still stands at 51-49, emphasising the need for Zimbabweans to own their natural resources unlike in some former French colonies where natural resources still belong to the former oppressors.

The president’s birthday celebrations by members of his staff gave them an opportunity to express their appreciation for his leadership.