baba na amai mugabe 03-11-11.pngHead of State and Government and Commander-in-Chief of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces, President Robert Mugabe has saluted the First Lady and patron of the Grace Mugabe Foundation for her sterling work aimed at improving the lives of under-privileged children.

Cde Mugabe, who took part in the groundbreaking ceremony for the Grace Mugabe Foundation Primary School in Mazowe this Thursday afternoon, chronicled how the idea of the children’s home was envisaged by the First Lady and some of the concerns and skeptisms he had when she told him about the vision.


“Some four years ago, we had our first ground breaking ceremony on this land. Then it was to symbolise the start of construction of the Grace Mugabe Children’s Home.



“The Home stands majestically today and, more importantly, has begun to cause a diffeference in the lives of children who were born in stuations of poverty and other forms of hardship,” he said.

The President went on to chronicle how she has been extending a helping hand to disadvantaged children through paying school fees for academically-gifted children who come from poor backgrounds and her involvement in the Danhiko Paralympic Games, saying it is the First Lady’s conviction that every child deserves the chance to realise their dreams in life.

“My wife totally believes in giving dignity to every child whose birth or upbringing was made difficult by the circumstances of the child’s parents…,” he said.

baba na amain mugabe 03-11-11 ed.pngCde Mugabe congratulated Amai Mugabe for the work at the Mazowe Orphanage, saying he is heartened to hear that the school will also admit children from the community.


“I rise, therefore to offer my hearty congratulations to the Grace Mugabe Foundation and the Foundation’s dedicated Founder on the sterling work that is taking place here. I was particularly heartened to hear that the envisaged school will also admit children from the community surrounding it,” the President said.


He said this proves false the rumours which claim that the Grace Mugabe Foundation is bringing suffering to neighbouring communities as purported by a local weekly from the so-called independent media.

The President also paid tribute to China-Zimbabwe relations as the school is being built by a Chinese company.

President Mugabe is also a strong advocate of education for all citizens.

He has also distinguished himself as an impressive educationist and scholar, hence his continuous emphasis on the need for access to education for all Zimbabweans.

The primary school will comprise 27 classrooms, a library, a computer laboratory, an art room, a music room, several offices and shelter for orphans.

Speaking at the occasion, Amai Grace Mugabe said providing education to all including the disadvantaged is an aspiration shared by herself and the President.


“Making education available to all is an ideal that is at the heart of my family; it is an ideal whose fulfilment my husband and I pursue alongside all our endevours to help the disadvantaged members of our society,” she said.


grace mugabe foundation.png

She paid tribute to President Mugabe for his support and advice towards the children’s project.

“Allow me at this juncture, to record my gratitude to my husband and dependable supporter for the great insight which he has readily proffered into the development of the Grace Mugabe Foundation,” added Amai Mugabe.

When fully operational, the children’s home will accommodate over 1 000 children while the primary school is catering for 900 children drawn from the local community and beyond.

A secondary school will also be built at the site.

Chinese Ambassador to Zimbabwe, Mr. Xin Shunkang and senior government officials witnessed the ground-breaking ceremony.