president ambassadors 220710.jpgThe Head of State and Government and Commander-in-Chief of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces, President Robert Mugabe says Zimbabwe seeks no quarrel with anyone and looks forward to the removal of sanctions by those who have imposed them.


Cde Mugabe said this when he met with the new French Ambassador to Zimbabwe during the presentation of credentials by the new ambassadors of France, Indonesia and Pakistan.


The new French Ambassador to Zimbabwe, Mr Francois Ponge said his main objective during his tour of duty in Zimbabwe is to develop dialogue between the two countries.



Mr Ponge is a lawyer by training. He has worked in the diplomatic service of his country in various capacities in Austria, Denmark, Japan and the USA.


In discussions behind closed doors, President Mugabe chronicled how Zimbabwe enjoyed good relations with the former governments of Presidents Francois Mitterand and Jacques Chiraq and remarked that the ties have taken a plunge in recent years with the assumption of power of President Nicholas Sarkozy.


french ambassador francois ponge2.jpgHe noted that it appears President Sarkozy has joined the rest of the European Union which is siding with Britain in its bilateral land dispute with Zimbabwe.


Cde Mugabe explained to Mr Ponge how the land was forcibly expropriated from blacks and how the Tony Blair administration reneged on its Lancaster House obligation to provide funds for compensation to farmers whose land would have been acquired under the land reform programme.


He said Zimbabwe was right to take back its land.

The President said sanctions should be removed and emphasized that Zimbabwe seeks friends and not enemies, adding that the country has nothing against Britain except that Blair reneged on his obligation.


Cde Mugabe told the French Ambassador that the inclusive government has worked very well in spite of the differences among the three parties, saying the three principals are all Zimbabweans with a common identity and that they proceed along the same path with a common destiny.


indonesian ambassador mr poerwana.jpgHe also spoke about the progress on the constitution-making process and about France’s invitation to the President to attend the France-Africa Summit and again stressed that Zimbabweans are a simple but proud people who do not seek to quarrel with anyone.


After the French Ambassador, the Indonesian Ambassador to Zimbabwe, Mr Eddy Poerwana was next with his letters of credence.


He hailed the good relations between Zimbabwe and Indonesia saying he looks forward to developing ties in the Small-to-Medium Enterprises area, women development and trade.





pakistani ambassador mr syed zulfirqar ali shah.jpgMr Syed Zulfirqar Ali Shah who is the new Pakistani ambassador to Zimbabwe said he is impressed with Cde Mugabe’s leadership.

Zimbabwe and Pakistan are allies in the Non-Aligned Movement, G15 and the UN among other organisations.


Pakistan, with some countries of the east have come to the assistance of Zimbabwe’s development at a time when the Southern African country is under siege from western sanctions.