ppresident and new diplomat 17.03.11.jpgThe Head of State and Government and Commander-in-Chief of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces, President Robert Mugabe, received credentials from 6 new ambassadors at State House in Harare.

The new ambassadors are from Norway, Australia, Greece, Ethiopia, New Zealand and Mauritania.

The new Norwegian ambassador to Zimbabwe is Ms Ingebjorg Stofrina who said she would like to see the improvement of ties between Zimbabwe and Norway and the restoration of development assistance.


Although Norway is not a member of the European Union, it goes along with the policy of the bloc which has imposed illegal sanctions on Zimbabwe following the internationalisation of the bilateral Zimbabwe-Britain land dispute.

Ms Stofring would however not comment on the illegal EU sanctions despite repeated questions on the issue, preferring instead to cite some of the programmes in which Norway is currently involved with the Zimbabwe government.

Ms Stofring is a former Minister-counsellor in the Norwegian embassy in Zimbabwe and has also worked in Tanzania, South Africa, Bangladesh and Kenya.

Mr. Matthew Neuhaus is the new Australian ambassador to Zimbabwe.

Australia is in solidarity with the European Union on the issue of Zimbabwe and has replicated the illegal sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe by the European group.

Mr. Neuhaus admitted that Zimbabwe is safe and that those in the diaspora should return home and rebuild their country.

He also agrees that the country’s judiciary upholds rule of law, but surprisingly maintains that sanctions should remain.

Mr Neuhaus is a holder of Bachelor of Arts Honours and Bachelor of Laws degrees from Sydney University and a Master of Philosophy in International Relations from Cambridge University in the United Kingdom.

norwegian ambassador.jpgHe worked in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of his country in various capacities including as High Commissioner of Australia to Nigeria and Director in the United Nations and Commonwealth sections.

Mr Christos Salamanis is the new Greek ambassador to Zimbabwe.

A group of leaders of the Greek community in Zimbabwe who included Helenic ladies president, Mrs Kiki Divaris and the Archbishop of the Greek Orthodox Church in Zimbabwe also met the new Greek ambassador.

The new Ethiopian ambassador to Zimbabwe, Dr Koang Tutlann-Dung also presented his credentials and pledged continued co-operation with Zimbabwe.

New Zealand ambassador to Zimbabwe, Mr. Geoff Randal will represent his country in Zimbabwe from South Africa.

Clad in his Maori regalia which he said is a sign of the settlers’ embracing of the indigenous culture,  Mr Randal expressed willingness to cooperate, especially in the area of sport.

The north African country of Mauritania is being represented by Mohamed Ould Hannan.

Mauritania is one of the 5 African countries in the panels that are on a fact finding mission in Cote d’Ivoire and in Libya.