president mugabe parly address.jpgThe Head of State and Government and Commander-in-Chief of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces, President Robert Mugabe, says Zimbabwe’s economy is projected to grow by 5.4% by year end.


The President was officially opening the 3rd Session of the 7th Parliament of Zimbabwe in Harare today.


He said the mining sector is expected to increase output by more than 20% with a Mining Bill expected to be tabled for discussion in the august house, to discourage speculation and ensure that the exploitation of minerals benefit the country.

Cde Mugabe said Zimbabwe’s minerals are expected to contribute 25% of world mineral output.



He said government is reviewing trade to promote competitiveness of Zimbabwean goods on international markets.


He also spoke on the country’s efforts to re-engage with the West and Europe.


“We shall seek to deepen our cooperation with all members of the international community.


president salute 130710.jpg“The International Agreements Bill, which aims to rationalise the system of ratifying, publishing and domesticating international agreements shall be tabled during the current session,” he said.


“It also our hope that resumed dialogue with the European Union will yield positive results. On the whole, the turn-around of our economy, the empowerment of our people as well as the promotion of social justice and peaceful co-existence will continue to define our engagement with the world community of nations.”


Cde Mugabe also said a total of 15 bills will be tabled for debate during the current session, among which are the Medical Societies Bill, Attorney-General Office Bill, Media Practitioners Bill, Zimbabwe Human Rights Bill, Referendum Amendment Bill, Zimbabwe Electoral Bill, Income Tax Bill, Zimbabwe Border Post Bill and the Small to Medium Enterprises Bill.


mai mujuru and pm.jpgPresident Mugabe also said government, through the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology, has launched a strategic plan to turn Zimbabwe into a knowledge-driven economy and transform the country into the ICT hub of the region.


He also said plans are in place to boost power generation at Hwange with 5 to 6 units expected to operate by year-end. He added that government is in the process of engaging independent power producers and is seeking ways to promote the use of alternative power such as solar, bio-fuel and ethanol.


He deplored the carnage on Zimbabwe’s roads, adding that roads are to be upgraded, highways dualised and urged drivers to respect human life.

The President hailed the sense of optimism and unity prevailing in the country.


He said: “Lasting unity can only thrive in an environment of open and brotherly dialogue, trust and mutual tolerance. The Organ for National Healing, Reconciliation and Integration is spearheading this process.”


legislators sing anthem 130710.jpg“The unity and sense of optimism prevailing in the country under the banner of the inclusive government is for all of us as Zimbabweans to cherish and jealously guard. We should continue to be prompted by the sense of confidence in ourselves and a resilient faith in our national heritage.


“We have to remain rooted in the reality that we are the sole guarantors of our independence and our economic emancipation.


“This should therefore bid us to exert our collective will, intellect and energies to the utmost in pursuit of our shared vision of a strong, democratic and prosperous, truly independent Zimbabwe.


President Mugabe called upon each party to play a part in fostering national healing, unity and integration in order to guarantee sustainable economic and social transformation of the nation.


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