cuban ambassador prieto.jpgThe Cuban Ambassador to Zimbabwe, Mr Enrique Prieto has paid tribute to Head of State and Government and Commander-in-Chief of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces President Robert Mugabe and other developing countries for their permanent principled stance against the Cuban blockade at the United Nations General Assembly and other international fora.


Addressing the Zimbabwean and international media at a news conference in the capital, Ambassador Prieto said without solidarity from Africa and the developing world, Cuba could not have been in existence today.


The Cuban Ambassador who presented his country’s draft resolution demanding the lifting of the US blockade against Cuba which is to be presented to the current 65th session of the United Nations, said Zimbabwe which is facing a situation of sanctions like Cuba, should not give up.


He said Zimbabweans should continue working on developing the country while at the same time campaigning against the criminal politics of sanctions in support of the 3rd world countries.


He also expressed his country’s gratitude to Zimbabwe and members of the Non-Aligned Movement for supporting that country’s international awareness campaign for the liberation of the five Cuban heroes unjustly imprisoned in the United States since 1998.


In Cuba’s 19th consecutive appeal to the United Nations General Assembly read at the news conference, the Caribbean nation outlined how the majority of  countries at the UN voted in favour of the lifting of the blockade and how the Cuban people and the economy have been dealt a heavy blow.


Ambassador Prieto explained that despite a lot of optimism among 3rd World countries on Barack Obama’s appointment, the US government has not shown any intention of changing its policy towards Cuba or complying with the repeated resolutions of the UN General Assembly to end the blockade against Cuba.


He implored all governments committed to the defence of international law and justice that they vote on October 26th in favour of draft resolution to end the blockade.


Cuba has bravely endured half a century of a US blockade with successive US regimes consistently maintaining the same stance despite calls by other countries especially the Third World to end the sanctions.