pres heroes.pngThe Head of State and Government and Commander in-Chief of the Zimbabwe Defence forces, President Robert Mugabe  has called for peace to pravail in the country always, as this was one of the main objectives of the liberation struggle.


Addressing thousands of people at the National Heroes Acre this Tuesday, President Mugabe said everyone has a reason to celebrate on this special day on the Zimbabwean calender, as the country remembers the sacrifices made by  thousands of  fallen and living sons and daughters of the soil who liberated the country to bring peace in Zimbabwe.

“Today as we remember the immense sacrifices of our liberation war heroes, we also celebrate their courage and bravery in comfronting the white settlers,” said President Mugabe.


He chronicled the history of the liberation struggle and how the white settler’s government led by Ian Smith looted the country’s resources and shared the land amongst themselves, leaving the black people of Zimbabwe with infertile and inadequate land.

Cde Mugabe said the gallant sons and daughters of the soil died for the land and we are still fighting so that the wealth can be in our hands.

“The sons and daughters of the land including Mbuya Nehanda died but we are still soldiering on,” Cde Mugabe said.

The President added that Zimbabwe was assisted by its neighbouring countries to bring the colonialists’ dream of continuously exploiting the country’s resources to an end.

He said the former colonialists have not given up their quest to recolonise Zimbabwe.

President Mugabe also called on Zimbabweans to remain vigilant in defending the country’s sovereignty, adding that the nation should guard against divisive antics of neo-colonialism if ever Zimbabweans are to become masters of their own destiny.

Cde Mugabe highlighted that the current problems the country is facing are socio- economic and as such the government is working tirelessly to improve the living standards of every Zimbabwean.

He said since the launch of the Medium Term Plan (MTP), the country is enjoying a law economic inflation rate, adding that the recently announced MTP should ensure sustenance of the development thrust.

Cde Mugabe said there is need to put in place measures to enhance agriculture, which has been retarded by lack of loan facilities.

Speaking on the forthcoming elections, Cde Mugabe urged all Zimbabweans from all walks of life to uphold peace and a culture of tolerance.

“As we go for elections, we should not have fights but peace,” he said.

He said unity can only thrive in a peaceful environment and appealed to political parties to carry out their primary elections peacefully, adding that no one should be forced to join a political party.

The President also reiterated that the west should remove the illegal sanctions they imposed on Zimbabwe, warning that Zimbabwe will hit back if they are not removed.

He criticised NATO for invading Libya under the pretence of protecting civilians and has instead killed innocent people and children. 

“NATO has now become a terrorist organisation similar to the Taliban that the western countries have been condemning,” said the President.

In his conclusion, Cde Mugabe pledged continued support to surviving spouses of and children of the departed heroes and heroines.