presidentmugabe.jpgHead of State and Government and Commander-In-Chief of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces, President Robert Mugabe is in Windhoek, Namibia, where he will attend that country’s 20th independence anniversary celebrations today.

Cde Mugabe was met by the Zimbabwean Ambassador to Namibia, Miss Chipo Zindoga and Senior Namibian government officials.

He is accompanied by Foreign Affairs Minister, Cde Simbarashe Mumbengwegwi.

Other African leaders are already in Namibia for the celebrations.

Zimbabwe and Namibia share close ties in the Southern African Development Community, African Union, the non-aligned movement and other international bodies where they share similar views especially those affecting developing countries.

The ties between the two nations are rooted in the struggle for independence of the two countries and the Southern African


The two countries shared guerrilla training bases in Tanzania, some friendly African countries and in the then eastern block countries such as the Soviet Union, Romania, Yugoslavia and others.


 With the attainment of independence in Southern Africa the frontline states evolved into SADC , which is spearheading cooperation among the countries in the grouping in the areas of economic development, and social and political cooperation.

At a bilateral level Zimbabwe and Namibia are currently involved in a power development deal where Namibia funded the rehabilitation of the Hwange power station to the tune of US$40 million.

Under the terms of the deal Nampower extended a US$40 million loan to ZESA for the refurbishment of the 400meggawatt Hwange thermal power station.


 In return, ZESA is obliged to supply 150mw per month to Namibia for five years.

Meanwhile, Cde John Landa Nkomo is the Acting President.