bob media ups2.jpgHead of State and Government and Commander-In-Chief of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces President Robert Mugabe Says, Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai has done a good thing in calling for the removal of the illegal EU and US sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe following the implementation of the land reform programme.


The President was responding to a question from the media fraternity during the presidential media briefing entitled meeting the press at Zimbabwe house in Harare yesterday. 


President Mugabe told the media that the call by the Prime Minister is welcome but it has to be pursued with greater vigour.


“Maybe with the Prime Minister’s effort on the one side he would be listened to better than myself. If it were of help at all, for me to put up a team to go out for government to appeal for sanctions to be lifted, I will do so in no time ,but that I wonder wether if it would bring positive  results or negative results and getting more sanctions…,” said the President.    


Cde Mugabe said the inclusive government has set up a team that is expected to travel to European countries and campaign for the removal of the sanctions.


He called for the speedy actioning of the team’s mandate adding that the formation of the anti-sanctions campaign team is a requirement of the Global Political Agreement.


Under the agreement, the three political parties are obliged to call for the immediate removal of sanctions and on Monday this week Prime Minister Tsvangirai joined other leaders of the inclusive government in doing so.


“We under the GPA are expected to set up a joint team and we did so but Europe said no to it ,they said have not yet received it ,Brussels said no and I don’t know wether America said no perhaps not yet,” he said.


 However the European Union and the US have not heeded the calls and have extended the sanction by another year.
Meanwhile President Robert Mugabe has appealed to media houses in the country to help the inclusive government to succeed by promoting it and supporting all its positive achievements.


He was addressing both local and international media at Zimbabwe house today during the “meet the press” Presidential media briefing.
The presidential media briefing at Zimbabwe house in Harare started late yesterday and lasted some four hours with media representatives coming from both the private and public media houses based in the country.


This is the first such gathering in a decade and the first one since the creation of the inclusive government.


President Mugabe hailed the achievements of the inclusive government saying the one year of existence of the inclusive government has seen the three principals building trust in one another and creating unity among them.


He said although the parties have different ideologies , the different views are often discussed and ironed out through dialogue and discussions and stressed that there are no cracks in the GNU as alleged by some sections of the private media.


He called on the media to play a role in ensuring that the unity and trust among the leaders of the Global Political Agreement filter down to the grassroots and achieve harmony and unity of purpose among them.


Media, Information and Publicity Minister Cde Webster Shamu, his Deputy Mr. Jameson Timba and the Secretary for Media Information and Publicity and Presidential Spokesman Cde George Charamba were also in attendance.