president mugabe- all africa games medals 26-09-11.pngThe Ministry of Education, Sport, Arts and Culture has been called on to craft policies which ensure that sporting facilities are used for their core business to benefit sport.

The call was made by Head of State and Government and Commander-in-Chief of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces, President Robert Mugabe at a ceremony to honor athletes who participated in the 10th All Africa Games in Maputo.

With many sporting facilities such as the City Sports Centre and Chitungwiza Aquatic Complex now being used for other activities especially religious and musical shows, Cde Mugabe challenged the responsible ministry to correct the anomaly by ensuring that sporting activities get first preference when it comes to the use of their facilities.

President Mugabe also challenged local authorities to play a role in setting up new facilities as well as rehabilitating non-functional ones.

The City Sports Centre that was once a hive of sporting activities such as basketball and indoor hockey now reduced to an arena for church sermons.

The Chitungwiza Aquatic Complex is now being used for musical shows and weddings, while Magamba Hockey Stadium is yearning for rehabilitation.

Some community pitches that over the years produced outstanding talent have been transformed into maize fields while others have become construction sites.