mugabe gabriell.jpgHead of State and Government and Commander-in-Chief of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces president Robert Mugabe has met the visiting Vice President of a locally-based international non-governmental organisation, Plan International, Mrs. Tanjina Mirza, at Zimbabwe House in Harare.



Mrs. Tanjina Mirza who is based at Plan International headquarters in Canada is in the country to see the progress on the work of the non-governmental organisation in Zimbabwe and to discuss with government on the future work of the organisation in the country.


Plan International was established in Zimbabwe in 1986 and it is involved in development work in the areas of education, health and food aid.


In education the organization is involved in the construction of classrooms, and improving the quality of learning thru work with teachers, parents and other members of the community.


In the health sector plan international is working in malaria, hiv and aids, child protection, food aid and food security.


Plan International Vice president Mrs. Tanjina Mirza said her organisation is planning to do more and assist development through child-based and community projects.


She stressed that the organisation has never and will not be involved in politicising food aid and other forms of assistance.

Some non-governmental organisations in the country have been involved in opposition politics by politicising food aid.


Plan Country Director Elsie Kragholm planning of projects implemented in Zimbabwe are done locally and in close collaboration with the government of Zimbabwe as opposed to involving outsiders.