Lupane State University (LSU) has conferred an honourary doctor of agricultural sciences degree to President Robert Mugabe for his exceptional works in promoting agriculture in the country, which has led to the empowerment and development of ordinary Zimbabweans.

The conferment was done at the institution’s 8th graduation ceremony held at the university campus in Lupane.

President Mugabe is well known for endeavouring to see Zimbabweans become masters of their own destiny through championing the agrarian land reform programme which saw the redistribution of land to previously disadvantaged black majority.

LSU Vice Chancellor Professor Pardon Kuipa said the STEM initiative and the 10-Point Plan are testimony that the President has a vision for a research and technology driven agricultural sector which will see the country addressing the ZIM ASSET clusters of food security and nutrition as well as those of value addition and beneficiation.

“The policies, schemes and programmes that His Excellency has championed that seek to promote agriculture have created a conducive environment for the sector that supports over 80 percent of rural Zimbabweans. Isiphala Senkosi, Zunde Ramambo is one such scheme which has benefitted rural communities,” said Professor Kuipa.

The government will with immediate effect lift the recruitment freeze on academic staff recruitment for all programmes that have been approved by ZIMCHE. President Mugabe has already ordered the immediate release of the $3.9 million for this initiative.

 “I would like to thank Lupane State University Council and the university senate for the honour they have bestowed upon me, through the conferment of the degree of e doctor of agricultural sciences, honoris causa, thus according me the distinction of being the first doctoral graduate of the university. As Chancellor of this university, I feel humbled by this unique honour, “said President Mugabe.

Through the President’s intervention, government will immediately release funds to complete the male hostel, solar heating system for the students’ hostels and two staff flat-lets.

Institutions such as LSU are some of the fruits of the President’s visionary policies that seek to train manpower in the critical areas of agriculture among other sectors of the economy.