president with ethiopian envoy 02-12-10.jpgEthiopian leader, Prime Minister Meles Zenawi has invited Head of State and Government and Commander-in-Chief of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces, President Robert Mugabe to the conference on co-federalism to be held in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia mid this month.


The invitation was delivered by Prime Minister Zenawi’s special envoy and Ethiopian Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, Dr Tekeda Alemu at Cde Mugabe’s Munhumutapa offices this Thursday.

Dr Alemu explained that the invitation to Cde Mugabe is in recognition of his immense role in the promotion of unity, peace and security, democracy and development in Africa and beyond.


“The first message to the President is that we want to see to it that relations between the 2 countries continue to be expanded. The second message is to do with this conference on federalism, which we will be having in Ethiopia in Mid December. We wish for His Excellence, President Mugabe’s participation given the critical role of democratisation he has played in Africa,” said Dr Alemu.

The conference will be held under the theme ‘Unity in Diversity and Development’ and will focus on various issues affecting Africa in that regard.

Dr Alemu explained that a total of 45 themes and case studies will be discussed during the proposed conference, which will bring together the regional leaders.

In his second message, the Ethiopian leader called for the deepening of bilateral cooperation between Zimbabwe and the northeast African country.