President Emmerson Mnangagwa has this evening toured Al Rosa Diamond Company premises in Moscow, Russia where he was shown state of the art equipment for the grading and classification of diamonds according to colour and quality as well as size using highly trained professionals and equipment.

Cde Mnangagwa told the company’s leadership that Zimbabwe has opened a small window of investment for foreign companies in the diamond sector following a freeze in the sector.

Al Rosa Diamond Company, a lead global diamond extractor, is willing to work with Zimbabwe in developing the diamond industry.

Al Rosa CEO, Sergey Ivanov said he is waiting to hear what the Zimbabwean partners have to offer and talks with the Mines and Mining Development Ministry are already underway.

Asked on the quantities and value of investment they are going to put in Zimbabwe, he said details are being worked with the ministry but they have already opened an office in Harare and they are pleased with the expertise in Zimbabwe.

In a press briefing later on, President Mnangagwa explained that raising the price of fuel in Zimbabwe was necessary in order to match the average regional pricing.

Earlier, President Mnangagwa met Zimbabwean students in Russia, and assured them that their stipend arrears amounting to about US$600 000 will be cleared in the next three months at US$200 000 per month starting this January.

The meeting noted that there was need to regularise issues that arose when the Department of Government Scholarships was transferred to the Ministry of Higher and tertiary education. and those were immediately resolved.

Two of the students; Artwell Muzata, a postgraduate student with disability at the Moscow Technical University of Telecoms and Informatics and Fraternity Makande said education in the Russian Federation is excellent as the institutions are well resourced and suitable for hands on education and experience, while back home students and lecturers have to improvise or concentrate on theoretical education.

The President said he fully appreciates the support being given to Zimbabwean students in Russia.