president robert mugabe masawi funeral 28.09.10.jpgThe President and First Secretary of Zanu(PF), Cde Robert Mugabe on Tuesday paid condolences to the Masawi family in Bindura, following the death of the Zanu(PF) Deputy National Political Commissar, Cde Ephraim Masawi who passed away on Saturday after a battle with cancer.

President Mugabe described the late Cde Masawi as a true revolutionary and consistent cadre of the party, adding that the decision by the Politiburo to accord him national heroe status was unanimous.

“All the Politburo members of the party agreed that Cde Masawi be accorded national hero status. No one was against this decision, it was unanimous,” President Mugabe said.

Cde Mugabe also spoke of the criteria used to accord one national hero or heroine status.

He said one should be a consistent, revolutionary cadre of the two parties Zanu(PF) and the former party, ZAPU without flip-flopping.

Cde Mugabe also said the first segment of the battle to empower indigenous people has been won since land is now in the hands of the black majority and what is left is for indigenous Zimbabweans to have a majority stake in industries.

Cde Mugabe however said the so-called middle class in Zimbabwe leaves a lot to be desired as they are satisfied with the role of being employed as chief executive officers and managers, but government wants them to be the owners of the economy.

Several government ministers and the entire Mashonaland Central Provincial leadership paid their condolences to the Masawi family at Pasango Farm in Bindura.

Cde Masawi will be laid to rest at the National Heroes Acre in Harare this Thursday.