Head of stateHead of State and Government and Commander-in-Chief of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces President Robert Mugabe has once more taken a swipe against the sanctioning of gay marriages by some western countries and even some churches which are sanctifying gay marriages.

Addressing guests at the wedding reception of Afzal and Ayesha Kassim at a local hotel in the capital Friday evening, President Mugabe said nature as demonstrated by insects, animals and other creatures, has given human beings direction that marriage is between male and female and not between same sex.

Cde Mugabe critcised some religious leaders who bless such marriages saying human beings should not fail to know the right thing when creatures given by the almighty know the way.

President Mugabe paid tribute to the couple for being a shining example to other young couples by following the correct marriage steps and desisting from unions that are not blessed by parents and other relatives.

The groom Afzal Kassim is the only son of Zimbabwean lawyer, businessman and retired founding member of the Child Survival and Development Foundation Mr Abdullah Ismail Kassim and his wife while the bride is also an only daughter.

Afzal is an upcoming businessman in his own right and he is involved in construction materials sector while his wife is a fashion designer.

President Mugabe saluted praised the Kassim family which is of Indian origin but has lived in Zimbabwe for a long time , for being outgoing friendly and disciplined and professional in their personal and business interaction with Zimbabweans from across the racial divide.
The first wedding reception was held in Mumbai India on the 24th of February this year. The President ended his remarks at the ceremony with some words of advice to the newly weds and urged them to emulate the friendliness and uprightness of their parents.

Guests the cross section of Zimbabwean society and professionals attended the ceremony.