president robert gabriel  mugabe 22-08-10.jpgThe Head of State and Government and Commander-in-Chief of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces, President Robert Mugabe has castigated extra-marital affairs saying they are a major cause of disharmony among families.

Cde Mugabe was speaking at the wedding ceremony of his niece, Zalerah Hazvineyi Tendayi who tied the knot with Tichatonga Samson Makari in Harare on Saturday.

“The marriage institution should be preserved.

“You as children, everything that you do should be done constructively for the benefit of your marriage,” said Cde Mugabe.


President Mugabe said families should uphold the sanctity of holy matrimony to save the marriage institution.

He said in a marriage, one should always be wary of some family members who are bent on causing disharmony adding that there is need for selection as some also help in building up the family.

Cde Mugabe also highlighted that children play an important role of supporting their parents, especially now that the country is reeling under illegal sanctions imposed by the United States and its western allies.

“You must always remember your relatives, yes they are many and some might complain that they are getting nothing from you.

“You must make sure that you remember them with the little that you get, especially during these hard times induced by the illegal sanctions imposed on the country by the west,” said President Mugabe.

presidents niece wedding 22-08-10.jpgAt the wedding ceremony, parents and relatives took turns to give words of encouragement and the role they should play in the family while Father Davison Lukio said marriage is blessed by the Lord.

Zalerah Hazvineyi Tendayi is the daughter of Stanley Tichafa and Angelia Dambaza Tendayi while her husband, Tichatonga Samson Makari is the second son of the late Lieutenant Colonel, Samuel and Adella Chinodyauswa of Gutu.

The two met in the United States while pursuing their studies.