president mugabe lambasts pm.jpgZanu PF President and First Secretary, Cde Robert Mugabe has urged members of his party in the Women’s League to ensure that they remain united and avoid factionalism as they prepare for elections by mid next year.

Cde Mugabe was speaking during the Women’s Assembly meeting in the capital at the weekend.

The women who converged at the party headquarters in Harare were drawn from all provinces to give feed back on the progress of the implementation of their plan of action and how to proceed further as the country braces for elections in June next year.

Zanu PF is also preparing for its annual National People’s Conference in December.


“To prepare for that conference is not only to look at yourselves in terms of how you are composed, but to look at whether our National Assembly is together, are we united- that is very important. In my opinion you are united,” said President Mugabe.


The women told their leader and First Secretary, Cde Mugabe who is also the Head of State and Government and the Commander-in-Chief of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces, that women were active in COPAC teams and that now it is time to gear up for elections.

They presented challenges they face and requested for more resources.

Cde Mugabe commended them for being united and urged them to watch against being divided by those who want to use money in campaigning for self-aggrandisement and selfish ends.


“Whatever problem you have, discuss it and shun gossiping. Refuse to be divided- in 2008 that was our undoing, that is what cost us,” Cde Mugabe added.

Cde Mugabe explained the various forms of enslavement such as physical occupation, economic imperialism, mental and cultural imperialism.

He said some foreign forces are bent on undermining African and Zimbabwean cultural values by sponsoring the gay agenda in the Zimbabwean constitution, a practice which he said should be repulsed to protect the country’s values and norms.

The President also spoke about some misunderstandings in the inclusive government, the need to expedite the constitution making process in preparation for the referendum next year and various other issues concerning the improvement of the work of the Women’s League.