president finaz.jpgThe Head of State and Government and Commander-in-Chief of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces, Cde Robert Mugabe has castigated western countries for causing continued suffering to the people of this country through sanctions imposed some years ago.


President Mugabe said this at the burial of his sister, Cde Sabina Mugabe who passed away at the Avenues Clinic in Harare on Thursday.  

He told the gathering that the western world can go to hell and forget that they can dictate what the people of Zimbabwe should do.


“Europe and America want to keep those odious sanctions, not for our benefit, but for their strategic interests here,” said President Mugabe.


Cde Mugabe said the colonialists detained, tortured and slaughtered the people of Zimbabwe and worse still have imposed illegal sanctions which are hurting the people.

He said the European group is getting support from United States of America but stated that the country belongs to the Non-Aligned Movement which constitutes the majority of the world.

Cde Mugabe said Zimbabwe loves peace and calm and will be friendly to those who want to be friends with Zimbabweans.


Meanwhile, The United States Ambassador to Zimbabwe, Charles Ray shocked mourners in an unprecedented move by walking away from the National Heroes Acre during the President Mugabe’s key-note address during the burial of heroine Tete Sabina.

charles ray 01-08-10.jpgRay left the proceedings when Cde Mugabe condemned America and the west for the illegal sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe and machinations aimed at undermining Zimbabwe’s sovereignty.

The United States imposed illegal sanctions on Zimbabwe through the Zimbabwe Democracy and Economic Recovery Act (ZIDERA) of 2001, after the country embarked on the land reform programme to correct colonial imbalances in land ownership favouring minority whites.

The US have since refused to lift the sanctions after calls from all principals in the Global Political Agreement.  


Despite Ray’s early departure from the national shrine, President Mugabe continued addressing the thousands of mourners at the shrine.


Among those who attended the burial of the late Tete Sabina were Vice Presidents Cde Joice Mujuru and Cde John Landa Nkomo, Deputy Prime Minister Professor Arthur Mutambara and several government officials including service chiefs who came to witness the burial of Cde Sabina.

President Mugabe described the late heroine as a role model who dedicated her life not only to the Mugabe family, but also to the nation as a whole.

President Mugabe said her sister’s record speaks for itself and no-one can take it from her as she was a politician in her own right.

“Cde Sabina Mugabe was humble and a unifying force who encouraged women to work hard so as to improve their lives through self help projects,” said Cde Mugabe.

Cde Sabina Mugabe died on Thursday morning after a long illness culminating from a stroke suffered years ago.