president mugabe parly address.jpgThe Head of State and Government and Commander in Chief of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces, President Robert Gabriel Mugabe, who turned 87 last month is a principled statesman, democrat, defender of the people and unifying force of the nation.


President Robert Gabriel Mugabe, who is also Africa’s prominent statesman, has traveled a successful, albeit long road as a liberator, unifier, democrat, educationist and man of principle among other attributes.


From childhood, Cde Mugabe always had a passion for education, as evidenced by his unmatchable educational achievements which makes him the most educated president in the world with 22 degrees, seven earned and 15 honorary ones.


He began his professional career as a teacher and his direct involvement in the education field stretches from 1951 to 1960 where he taught in various mission schools in Zimbabwe, and in the region including in Zambia and Ghana in West Africa from 1958 to 1960.


After independence, and within nine months as the first Prime Minister of Zimbabwe, Cde Mugabe made sure the country boasted of free primary school education for all students as well as guaranteed admission to secondary education for all who qualified.


Today the country boasts of being the 2nd most literate state on the African continent, with Cde Mugabe’s commitment to education being expressed by his Presidential Schools’ Computerisation Programme substantial sums given to the sector in the budget.


As a liberator, noone can claim to have better credentials than Cde. Mugabe who spent eleven years in Rhodesian prisons and led the on-ward march to Independence from the bush in Mozambique in 1975.
He was there at the beginning of the liberation movements that fought for independence from colonial rule.


He was elected publicity secretary of the National Democratic Party in 1960. The party was banned paving way for the creation of Zimbabwe African People’s Union (ZAPU), the first effective black political movement. Cde Mugabe was elected to the same post in the new party.


 With other cadres he went on to form ZANU in 1963 which alongside ZAPU fought for the freedom we enjoy today.

As a principled man, His Excellency has vehemently refused to be swayed from his beliefs, and the attempts principally by Britain and the US to undermine Zimbabwe’s sovereignty.


He has declared Zimbabwe will never ever be a colony again! As a devout catholic the president has unreservedly denounced immoral acts such as homosexuality.


Courageous and determined is what can be said of Cde Mugabe’s resolute decision for black people to reclaim their land through the land reform programme. No other nation has implemented such a wholesome reclamation of its resources stolen under colonialism.


As a unifier, Cde Mugabe stretched the hand of reconciliation and integration to the former colonial masters at independence. This was however spurned by the former colonialists.


The President also showed his unifying spirit in 1987 when he and the late Vice President Cde. Joshua Nkomo, signed the Unity Accord. It was a momentous occasion when unity of purpose and oneness prevailed, and unity triumphed over disunity.


To date the Head of State and Government and the Commander-in-Chief of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces has spearheaded the empowerment of the majority through land reform and currently the indigenisation programme which will transfer ownership and control of the country’s resources into the hands of the black majority.


The life and virtues of this great man can just but be emulated for truly he is a man of substance, a revolutionary as fiery as they come, a founder and father of the nation.