The President Cde Robert Mugabe has expressed gratitude to the Women’s League for the various empowerment projects that the wing of the ruling party is carrying out countrywide to uplift the lives of communities and families in Zimbabwe.

He however raised concerned over lack of unity in the different wings of the party singling out four provinces Harare, Manicaland, Midlands and Mashonaland Central where members are opposed to the appointed resident ministers.

The President challenged party members to adhere to party procedures.

The party headquarters came alive today as it hosted the Zanu PF Women’s League national assembly meeting which kicked off with members congratulating the Secretary for Women’s Affairs, Dr Grace Mugabe on her 52nd birthday.

The meeting drew participants of the wing from all provinces of the country and heard how the various provinces where involved in socio-economic empowerment projects to empower families and communities.

The President praised the women for the various empowerment projects they are undertaking but was quick to caution some provinces for lack of organisational efficiency among them Harare which he pointed is the weakest.

Cde Mugabe said the party has procedures and positions are never to be usurped.

He pointed out the issue of Cde Charles Tawengwa in which he was suddenly removed from his position by a group.

The President said those who want Cde Tawengwa’s position and those of ministers of state  should wait for their turn and not remove other people through the backdoor, in what he called gross indiscipline.

In his emphasis on the need for uphold discipline among party members, President Mugabe chronicled how leaders of the party like Cde Herbet Chitepo, Jason Zhiyapapa Moyo, John Nkomo, Joseph Msika and many others were chosen by the people and not through self imposition or through lobbying using factions that split the party.

President Mugabe added that Zanu PF has come a long way and its principles of self sacrifice should not be abandoned by some selfish individuals.

The President also stressed once more the issue of one centre of power saying some manoeuvres who were young in the struggle are emanating from those who are power hungry at the top who are saying the President must go.

He also said the military have no right to interfere with the political processes in the country but should stick to their mandate which is guided by the slogan that politics leads the gun and not the reverse.

The President did not have kind words for provinces that issue votes of no confidence on their seniors in the Politburo without going through the necessary procedures.

Cde Mugabe said grievances should be presented through party structures right up to the national disciplinary committee which handles grievances in the party.

The national assembly meeting ended with the sharing of a birthday cake from the First Lady and another from Minister of State for Harare Metropolitan Province, Cde Miriam Chikukwa and the Women’s League.