President Mnangagwa and his delegation is now in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, one of the richest provinces in China.

Most rich Chinese hail from this province.

It has the highest concentration of the richest Chinese which gave rise to huge entrepreneurs like owners of Alibaba Tencent and many others who are world famous.

According to Zimbabwe’s ambassador to China Mr Paul Chikawa, the visit by President Mnangagwa is aimed at wooing private Chinese business investment to Zimbabwe.

Earlier in the day, Cde Mnangagwa and Amai Mnangagwa were in Anhui Province where they met with representatives of the Anhui Foreign Economic Construction (AFEC).

Anjin representative Mr Jiang Qing of Anjin Diamond Company appealed to be allowed to come back Zimbabwe to resume operations.

Anjin closed shop when government announced its plans to form the Zimbabwe Consolidated Diamond Mining Company under then Minister Walter Chidhakwa.

A representative of the AFEC group Mr Feng Liang said the group which is at Nico Mine is willing invest in more areas.

In his address, President Mnangagwa said there are vast investment opportunities in the area of agriculture for activities such as crop production, agro-processing, and value addition.