first familyedit.jpgAll roads lead to the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair ( ZITF) grounds in Bulawayo on the 27th of this month for the 21st February movement national celebrations with preparations for the event progressing well.


In an interview with ZBC News, Zanu-PF Youth Secretary Cde Absalom Sikhosana said, preparations for the 21st February Movement Celebrations, which will be held in Bulawayo, are on track and about fifteen thousand youths are expected to attend.   

The celebrations to commemorate President Mugabe’s 86th birthday are aimed at educating youths about Zimbabwe’s history and the importance of defending the country’s sovereignty.

Cde Sikhosana said the nine sub-committees tasked to organise the event have done a commendable job and have confirmed that those who have pledged to contribute are doing their part.

Transport is being organized at provincial level and so far some provinces have indicated that buses have been booked to ferry people to Bulawayo, said cde sikhosana.

He said the 21st February Movement is an important event on the national calendar adding that while it is held concurrently with the celebration of the president’s birthday it is a political event for all Zimbabweans with the intention of moulding young people into good citizens.

The 21st February Movement was established in 1986 as a welfare organization for youths and as a medium to inspire young people to be well behaved through emulating the exemplary character of their patron, President Robert Mugabe.

The theme for this year’s celebrations is “Promoting unity in defence of natural resources , cultural values and economic empowerment”.