vp joice mujuru 24.07-10.jpgVice President Joice Mujuru has urged farmers to practice conservation farming as opposed to conventional farming to preserve soil fertility, while at the same time ensuring long term food security.

Cde Mujuru made the remarks in Darwendale, at an awards ceremony for farmers who excelled in a conservation farming course.
Conservation farming has long been known to be beneficial to the environment.


With growing concern over climate change and global warming, conservation farming is now gaining prominence across the globe with local farmers joining the ecologically friendly farming phenomenon.


Addressing scores of people who gathered at the homestead of House of Assembly member for Manyame constituency, Cde Patrick Zhuwao’s farm in Darwendale to witness the commissioning of  conservation farming projects under the Tete Sabina Mugabe Foundation, Vice President Mujuru said it is high time people adopted this method of farming if they are to maximize yields.


“Those left behind will have to remain for good. Here is a chance to get as much yield from a small piece of land without much effort. We need to do proper farming as a way to feed the nation,” she said.


Speaking on the same occasion, Nico Argo Fertilizers Marketing Director, Mr. John Chimedza urged farmers to use environmentally friendly manure as a way to preserve land for generations to come.


“Lets use organic manure which has the advantage of feeding the plant as well as the crop at the same time. Some chemicals in certain products have the destruction effect hence we need to guard against these for the benefit of our children,” he said.


Legislator Partick Zhuwawo, who hosted the event said his constituency is working to fully embrace conservation farming.


The Tete Sabina Mugabe Foundation is the brain child of the late national heroine’s in recognition of her sterling work, promoting self reliance. It offers farmers in the Manyame community courses on conservation farming.
This year the foundation gave out 25 herds of cattle to farmers who excelled in conservation farming.