The People’s Progressive Party of Zimbabwe (PPPZ) has taken its campaign trail to Masvingo where they held a road show with the party’s presidential candidate Mr Timoth Chiguvare saying he is confident of victory come July 30.

The PPPZ held a road show in Masvingo Province which saw them driving around the city centre and Masvingo’s Mucheke high density suburb as they sought to woo voters.

Speaking to ZBC News on the sidelines of the road show, Mr Chiguvare said he is certain of a landslide victory, noting that Masvingo is one of his party’s strongholds.

“This is our campaign trail which we have taken to Masvingo, this is one of our strongholds and we are expecting a landslide victory. It is time for the people of Zimbabwe to speak with one voice,” he said.

Mr Chiguvare said his party is gearing itself up to deal with the economy.

“There are no jobs in the economy, we want to create jobs for Zimbabweans, we want to resuscitate the economy,” he said.

The aspiring presidential candidate urged Zimbabweans to vote for him saying he will return the country to its former glory.