The growth and expansion of the power or energy sector in Zimbabwe is critical in sustaining requirements of industry and commerce.

Stakeholders believe there is need for massive investments in the power generation sector, expansion of small power stations and investments in new power projects.

Energy is a key enabler to soci-economic growth of any nation hence calls for huge investments in the sector are not misplaced if Zimbabwe is to attain the envisaged growth.

Relibale power supply and the obtaining power tariff are key in attrcating foreign direct investment in other sectors of the economy including the energy sector itself.

Government through ZESA Holdings has embarked on expansion projects such at the Kariba South Power Project which is currently at 95 percent which Zimbabwe Energy Council executive director, Mr Panganayi Sithole said is the way to go in cutting power imports.

The ZIM ASSET cluster on infrastructure and utilities is intensified in terms of funding, capacity building and policy decision making which has seen independent power producers coming on board to ensure there is adequate power supply.

Confederation of Zimbabwe Industries chief executive officer, Mr Clifford Sileya notes that with the abundance of sunshine, investment in solar power plants can be the lasting solution to the coutnry’s energy sector.

At a time when the nation is also reeling under huge debts on power imports, investing in renewable sources of power might be the country’s game changer in the power sector.

Energy sources are therefore critical with government setting the tone, then the role of the private sector in complementing such efforts is underspotlight.