A summary of research findings concerning poverty levels in Zimbabwe, carried out by a local financial consultant firm.


A survey which we carried in the ten provinces of the country had empirically proven that most people are living way below the poverty datum line. To gauge the average consumer basket at national level is quite misleading as the disparity between cost of living in Harare are significantly different from the experiences in other parts of the country.

An average Zimbabwean is earning about US$8.50 daily and spending around US$12.25 daily on a similar particular corresponding period. Amongst the overbearing everyday demands include transport fares, airtime, 2 loaves of bread, 1kg of meat, impulse commodities [which include entertainment discs, church alms], fresh milk and an insignificant allocation towards precautionary


Our Consumer basket as at 29 February 2012 was US$535 which includes:


COMPONENT                                                           RURAL (USD)      SEMI-URBAN (USD)    URBAN (USD)

Tariffs [electricity & water]                                            nil                           40                               85
Food & drinks                                                                  15                         120                              250                       
Education                                                                          45                           75                              140
Rent                                                                                    nil                           45                              150
Detergents                                                                         5                             10                               15
Miscellaneous                                                                    7                           25                               40
Clothing                                                                            25                           80                              155
Transport                                                                          10                           50                              150
Healthcare & Medicare                                                     5                           22                               40
TOTAL BILL                                                                   112                         467                         1 012