The Postal and Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (POTRAZ) has pledged to ensure that all users of postal and telecommunication services know their rights by guaranteeing a level playing field among players.

POTRAZ has teamed up with the country’s most popular radio station, Radio Zimbabwe and was in Mashonaland East Province where thousands of people attended the road show.

Mr Phibion Chaibva from POTRAZ said the road show was meant to take the message of consumer rights to the people.

Elsie Mojapelo from Radio Zimbabwe said she was impressed by the turnout which shows Radio Zimbabwe popularity with its listenership.

The people of Mtoko said although they have been using postal and telecommunication services, they did not know their rights and urged the regulatory authority to continue with the awareness campaigns.

Zimbabwe currently has 13.8 million active mobile phone subscribers, 260 000 fixed telephone users, 6.7 million internet subscriptions while 2 million items moved through postal and courier services in the last quarter of 2017. 

The road show drew thousands of people from Mtoko and surrounding districts such as Mudzi, Murewa and UMP.