Civic leaders in Gokwe-Chireya say they are looking at ways to attract investors to the district to tap into the coal and salt deposits believed to be abundant in the area.

Deep in the forests of Chief Chireya’s area in Gokwe lies a small stream that is home to a spring, the Bare, that sprouts salty-tasting water from which for many decades, the community has made natural salt for seasoning.

In the same stream lie strata of what is believed to be coal deposits.

Civic leaders there believe the deposits present a huge economic potential to the district.

Legend has it though there have been attempts by white settlers to tap into the resources but these were futile because the spirits of the land would not allow it.

Even more jaw-dropping are tales suggesting that continued use of the salt from the Bare gives a longer life.

Gokwe is home to the Sengwa coal deposits with proven ore reserves in excess of 525 million tonnes and for a while now, there have been plans to construct a power station there.