A potato shortage has hit the Bulawayo market with those in possession of the product now cashing in on desperate consumers with prices of the commodity having increased by an average of $2 per pocket.

The scarcity of the commodity has seen a large pocket which was going for $10 now going for $12 while a medium pocket which was going for $7 now going for $9.

A dealer at the market Mr Abius Moyo said they have been forced to increase the prices of the commodity since farmers are yet to harvest last season’s crop with most of the product on the market having been imported.

A consumer Mr Morris Sitima said the situation has further strained their pocket while castigating the attitude of traders at the market who do not tolerate other forms of payment other than cash.

The 2017-2018 potato crop is likely to be harvested in April in a move that could witness an increase in the supply of the commodity at the market.