Once known as citadels of incarceration most prisons had traditionally became punishment centres.

Zvishavane prison like most prisons now has however re-written its own history as a centre of rehabilitation.

Imagining that life behind prison walls could see a thriving factory is far from many minds.

However, behind the Zvishavane prison walls, it has become a reality.

Departing from being an incarceration centre Zvishavane prison chose a different path.

A thriving pot making factory has seen prisoners involved in the project which the Zimbabwe Prisons and Correctional Services (ZPCS) said is an important rehabilitation drive.

The inmates who are producing an average 15 aluminium three legged pots per day depending on the size said they are gaining important skills for life beyond the prison confines.

Proceeds from the sale of the aluminium pots are used to fund many operations including giving the facility a facelift.

But ZPCS said the major thrust is to ensure the prisoners come out better persons in society.