Free range pig rearing is not a common practice in most parts of the country but for the Chibuwe community in Chipinge, it is not anything out of the ordinary.

Watching them from a distance one can easily confuse them with goats or small puppies until you take a closer look. Yes, they are piglets just like the common ones seen on the farms only that their mode of feeding is free range.

Ordinarily, the norm is that pigs are fed and reared in particular shelters specifically meant for that purpose.

But for the Chibuwe community in southern Chipinge, the case is weirdly fascinating as these pigs are at times seen mingling with other domestic livestock like goats and sheep, perfectly fitting.

Hochi as the Ndau call them are seen almost everywhere be it at the shops, in the fields or even around the yards eating everything that come their way.

For pork lovers, there is now an alternative and surely trying it out won’t be a regrettable experience.